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Unleash the power of your cash flow & get approved today!
  • Commercial Loan Solutions was founded on the simple principle that small business lending doesn’t have to be complicated – it just needs to be reimagined! Imagine an approval process as simple as 1-2-3!

  • 1. Apply & Sign – Complete your application online or download our PDF
  • 2. Upload signed application (if downloaded or taken by phone) along with supporting documentation
  • 3. Get Funded! – In as little as 24 – 72 hours
  • Welcome to Business Lending Reimagined!

  • Our programs are revenue and asset based and therefore place little emphasis on personal credit quality. In fact, as long as you have been in business at least 4 months, have a minimum credit score of 500, and your annual revenue exceeds $100,000 you are qualified to apply for funding.

  • Minimum 4 months in business
    Over $100,000 in annual sales
    NO Collateral Requirements
    Emphasis on Cash Flow – NOT Credit!

  • Type: Business or Cash Flow (ACH) Advances, Merchant Advances, Business Term Loans & Equipment Leases
    Amount(s): $10,000 Up to $1M
    Amount Determination: From 50% to 200% of monthly revenue depending on a variety of factors including average daily (bank) balance, number of negative days, NSF’s, Industry Type, etc.
    Term: Up to 18 months (term loans up to 120 months)
    Collection: Daily, Weekly or Monthly

    NEW! Our debt consolidation program allows business owners to consolidate multiple existing loans or advances into one affordable payment over a 12-18 month term with no net cash back restrictions! Apply Now!

  • Our recently added asset based lending program is a unique alternative business loan requiring the applicant to “pledge” and store an asset to secure financing. No credit check or financials are needed. See our Asset Based Lending page for additional details.

  • Since merchant and cash flow advances are actually purchase contracts (cash today in exchange for future credit card or cash receivables), the “cost of credit” is measured in terms of a factor rate, rather than an APR. These rates can range anywhere from 1.12 to 1.48 depending on a variety of risk metrics.

    For example, the advance amount you receive is multiplied by the factor rate to determine the total payback. This obligation is then satisfied via the delivery of a fixed percentage of your credit card revenue each day, often referred to as a “split” or a fixed daily or weekly ACH until the contract has been settled.

    Repayment time frames are typically 6, 9 or 12 months, but can be as little as 3 or as long as 18. Obviously, a higher fixed percentage of your sales that you “split,” will shorten the repayment time frame accordingly. If requested, in some instances, early pay-off discounts can apply.

  • All programs initially require the following:

    Color copy of driver license
    Copy of a voided business check
    Lease Agreement (Term and Signature Page) or Mortgage Statement
    Proof of Ownership ‐ Business License, Articles of Inc., K‐1, etc.


    If you process credit cards:

    Last three (3) months of business bank statements (all pages needed)
    Last three (3) months of business credit card processing statements

    If you do not process credit cards:

    Last four (4) months of business bank statements (all pages needed)

    *Additional stipulations may be required prior to funding
  • We recognize that even for the most organized and responsible persons, the world is not predictable. Accidents happen, life changing events occur, and unexpected expenses can come from nowhere. With our quick and easy business loan solutions you can secure the funds you need fast, without the hassle of traditional bank underwriting. Whether you’ve been denied funding by your local bank or have tax or credit issues, you owe it to yourself to see what we can do for you today – No application fees and no obligation!

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